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Dicing frame

As low as ¥750 for a 6" piece, high quality and low price guaranteed!!

Metal Heat Co., Ltd. has been heat treating dicing frames for many years.
By taking advantage of this knowledge of production, we can now offer high-quality dicing frames at low prices.

Reasons for selecting the dicing frames of Metal Heat Co., Ltd.

For a higher quality of dicing frames, it is essential to minimize the distortion and dimensional change during the heat treatment process. To uphold the high quality, however, it is necessary to manage the entire production process, including the former pressing process and the latter plating and buffing processes.

At each stage of the process, it is possible to maintain high quality, but to cut costs, it is necessary to eliminate losses to reduce the load of the next process.

At Metal Heat Co., Ltd., we could achieve low cost production without compromising high quality through an integrated production system, which holds heat treatment as its core technology while keeping quality and price of the final product in mind.

Main production processes of a dicing frame

Pressing process The final quality and costs are determined by this process.
Due to a special die structure and pressing process to reduce the distortion at heat treatment, only a single deburring is required.
Minimum burrs are caused at the pressing process.
Degreasing The degreasing process uses a cleaning chamber that is inseparable from heat treatment. Cleaning with a vacuum cleaning chamber
Deburring We use a double-sided deburring machine to deburr both sides at once.
Since deburring is considered part of the pressing process, only a single deburring is required.
A double-sided deburring machine can deburr the both sides at once
Heat treatment Minimum distortion and dimensional change are made possible by optimized jigs, optimized treatment conditions, and the know-how, which is accumulated through heat treating products of every possible industry.
Even at this stage, we make every effort to keep the quality high and to not create extra costs for later processes.
Optimized heat treatment
Scale removal Considering the yield ratio at plating process, we remove the oxide scales. Scale removal. Although there is hardly any scale, we do the process just to be sure.
Plating Electroless nickel plating is performed.
Because of the scale removal process, no plating defect occurs, while the quality is assured and the yield ratio is kept high.
Buffing A double-sided buffing machine can buff both sides at once. Buffing after plating
Cleaning The final process. After cleaning, each piece is carefully wiped off.
We reserve no manpower in this process.
Inspection We only deliver products that have passed the inspection of dimension and flatness, in addition to visual inspection. After cleaning and finishing, the product is inspected and delivered.

Specification table (SEMI standards)

Size Width of the straight portion of outer diameter Outer diameter Inner diameter Thickness Price (per unit)
6 inch 212 228 194 1.2 ¥750
8 inch 276 296 250 1.2 ¥1,500
12 inch 380 400 350 ¥3,000
18 inch 556 575 506 ¥25,000

Material SUS420J2
Hardness Above HRC50
Flatness Below 0.2mm
Surface treatment Electroless nickel plating
Corrosion resistance Salt spray test 72hrs
Surface roughness Below 3s

* We will provide another sales quote for orders of more than 100 pieces.
* We can handle 18" frames, special shape frames, and reversible frames.
* Stencil stamping and barcoding capability.
* Please consult us about samples.
* Magazine cassettes were developed. Sales started in 2013.

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