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Treatable materials

(Type of steel) (Typical materials)
Cold work die steel SKD11,SLD,SLD-MAGIC,HPM31,ARK1,KD11S,DCX,SXACE,ACD37,SLD8,DC53,QCM8・10,Sleipner steel, etc.
Hot work die steel SKD61,DAC,DBC,ORVER,AUD61,AUD72,DHA,DH,DURON1,KDA,QD,YEM-K,MDC-K,ATS56, etc.
Stainless steel
Plastic molding die steel

SUS304,316,430,403,410,416,440,SUS420(J1・J2),SUS630・631,SUH,STAVAX,S・STAR,HPM38,ATS34,NAK,YAG,HPM75・77,MAS1C, etc.

High-speed tool steel Molybdenum alloy, tungsten alloy, vanadium alloy, Matrix-type, powder metallurgy, SKHs, MHs, YXMs, HMs, etc.
DREAM(1・2・3),YXR(3・7・33),DURO(F・V),KMX(1・2・3),QHZ, etc.
Carbon tool steel SKs,YK1~7,YK30~50,SKS,SKS93~95, etc.
(Special purpose tool steel)
Cold work die steel
Cutting tool steel
Impact resistant tool steel
SKSs,SGT,GOs,GMs,GSs,YG, etc.
Mechanical-structure carbon steel

(*) Some of them are not treatable.

(For mechanical-structures)
Manganese steel
Manganese-chromium steel

SMN433,438,443,52,53,SMNC,443,SMNCB51・52, etc.

Chromium steel SCR430,435,SCRB435,SCR440,SCRB440,SCR445,51,52,71, etc.
Chromium-molybdenum steel SCM430,432,435,440,445,SCM51,52,53,55, etc.
Nickel-chromium steel

SNC236,631,836,51,SNCB52, etc.

Nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel SNCM240,431,439,447,625,630,SNCM51,52,71,73, etc.
Nitrided steel SACM645,SCM56,SCMV2,SAC51, etc.
Spring steel SUP3,6,7,9,10,12,13,SUP9A,SUP11A, etc.
Bearing steel


Magnetic material, permalloy, Inconel-based material, brass, beryllium copper, titanium, etc.

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