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Our strength

Long experience in heat treatment

We can satisfy the needs of our customers with years of experience and our original heat treatment technology. Metal Heat Co., Ltd. has been specialized in vacuum heat treatment for over 40 years since 1973.
Also, our customer satisfaction oriented mind-set drives us to pursue QCD (Quality, Cost, and Delivery) and to equip ourselves with various types of inspection equipment to provide reliable products.

Total vacuum processing from cleaning to heat treatment

From cleaning to heat treatment, in our company all steps are processed in a vacuum environment.
Vacuum cleaning
The hydrocarbon vacuum cleaning system automatically controls all 10 steps from the beginning of cleaning to its completion and has high degreasing capability. This system is more environmentally friendly because of less discharged waste.

* Effective size: H 650 mm x W 800 mm x L 1,300 mm

Vacuum heat treatment at our company
Controlling the cooling pressure and airflow direction at will
Uniform temperature distribution achieved by convection heating system
Heat treating capability up to 1280°C
Superior brilliance on the product surface
No worries about oxidation or decarburization
Small variance in dimensional change and hardness
A wide variety of treatments are available including age hardening and precipitation hardening.
Super large furnaces can treat products in bulk
Quenching/tempering, annealing (especially suited for small mass products), normalizing, etc.
We have competence both in techniques to suppress distortion at quenching and correct distortion after quenching.

Technical collaboration with Daido Steel Co., Ltd.

We have a technical collaboration arrangement with Daido Steel Co., Ltd.
When a problem arises, we undertake examinations of the materials such as metallographic examination and component analysis to determine the cause of the problem and report the results to our customers. We also provide the technical information on the latest steel materials and heat treatment development techniques.

Vacuum marquenching treatment (RV treatment)

We perform heat treatment on small and large hot work die steels (SKD-61, etc.) normally used for die casting dies and various forging dies. Our vacuum marquenching treatment processes all steps in a vacuum environment from the input of products into a furnace until the end of heat treatment and cooling. The purpose of this process is uniform distribution of hardness, reduction of distortion, and improved life span of dies. So, please try it out!

* Effective size: H 600 mm x W 600 mm x L 1,050 mm

Super-large vacuum heat treatment furnace and 3-chamber type vacuum heat treatment furnace.

We have two of Japan’s largest-class vacuum heat treatment furnaces.

Super-large vacuum heat treatment furnace.
We can quench/temper large or long cold work die steel products and treat precision parts in bulk. We can help cut costs and deliver products in a timely manner by large bulk treatment of mass products.
For some steels that are incompatible with nitrogen gas, for example heat-resistant steels and titanium alloys, we can cool such steels with argon gas or hydrogen gas.

* Effective size: H 1,300 mm x W 1,300 mm x L 1,650 mm

3-chamber type vacuum heat treatment furnace
Suited for the mass production of same type products.
Especially suited for the solution treatment of stainless steel products.

* Effective size: H 600 mm x W 600 mm x L 1,050 mm
           : H 600 mm x W 900 mm x L 1,350 mm

Super-high-speed 10bar nitrogen gas cooling capability

We have two super-high-speed gas cooling type vacuum heat treatment furnaces with convection heating system.
These furnaces can process large cold work die steel products, large high-speed tool steel products, and special treatment products. Also, vacuum carburizing treatment can be performed, which is one of the next generation heat treatment technologies.

* Effective size: H 600 mm x W 600 mm x L 1,050 mm

Super sub-zero treatment equipment

Sub-zero treatment can minimize the dimensional instability of precision dies and gauges.

* Uses liquefied nitrogen
※* Specified at -196°C, gross/1,000 kg
※* Effective size: H 800 mm x W 800 mm x L 1,200 mm

Quality control system

We own various kinds of analytical equipment, including hardness testers, coercive force meters, helium leak detectors, and small partial pressure monitors, and we constantly monitor the operational status of furnaces as well.
Our first grade metal heat treatment certified technicians perform hardness testing and metallographic examinations.
Upon request, we can measure and report the dimensions of a product before and after the heat treatment using a 3D measurement device.

ISO certified

Since it is of utmost importance to supply reliable quality, protect the environment, comply with legal requirements and build customer confidence, we have acquired ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001:2004 on March 2, 2006 from JIC Quality Assurance Ltd.

National certificate

Maximum effort is devoted to acquisition of national certification for our staff, such as metal heat treatment certified technicians. We encourage production staff and also sales and other staff members to acquire secondary and above grade certification in heat treatment.

1st grade metal heat treatment certified technicians: 9 employees
2nd grade metal heat treatment certified technicians: 8 employees
3rd grade metal heat treatment certified technicians: 3 employees
                       Total: 20 certified employees

Training and development (T&D), and kaizen (improvement) activities

All employees are working together on in-house T&D program (AMSP) and kaizen activities.
Our annual T&D program assigns each department and each employee to corresponding classes with the ultimate goal of improving the skills of all employees. For kaizen activities, we respect the self-determination of our employees to create a supportive work environment and to improve customer satisfaction.

(*)AMSP stands for All Metal Heat Smile Program.

Surface treatment and various processing (commissioned to a cooperating manufacture)

We accept almost all kinds of surface treatments, including TiC, carburizing quenching, induction hardening, gas soft nitriding, and plating.
Our experienced sales staff will answer the needs for wire cut processing, electrical discharge machining, polishing, and machining before and after heat treatment.

The cleanest heat treatment plant in the world

We are changing the heat treatment industry’s negative image of
3Ds (Dirty, Dangerous and Demeaning)
to 3Cs (Clean, Comfortable, Creative)
with our goal of creating “The cleanest heat treatment plant in the world”.


Plant tour

We welcome plant tours.
We have installed an observatory-type plant tour room to show the whole plant safe and clean.
Please feel free to visit us!!

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